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Night Must Yield To Morning’s Light

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Reem Shraiky, UK

In the hush of night, the oppressed weep,
Their prayers, a secret, to the heavens seep.
No veil between their cries and their Lord,
In prostration, tears, like rivers, poured.

O souls in pain, let patience be your guide,
Beyond the hurt, glad tidings will reside.
Night’s weeping turns to morning’s gentle gleam,
In shattered hearts, Allah’s healing stream.

For those worn thin by life’s relentless strain,
There’s solace after every ache and pain.
Each tear that falls, a promise yet unseen,
In every drop, a future, fresh and clean.

Raise hands in prayer, for Allah’s kindness vast,
He turns not away, His mercy unsurpassed.
The clouds bear forth the cries of the oppressed,
In heavens’ gates, their pleas are gently caressed.

By the Prophet’s word, this truth we hold dear,
In hardship’s depth, Allah is always near.
With time, His help will surely find its way,
In faith, we trust, to brighter, bolder day.
Beneath the moon’s soft, silvery glow,
The oppressed hearts with fervour glow.
Their tears, like pearls, in silence fall,
In whispered prayers, they find their call.

O souls in sorrow, take heart and bear,
For after night, the dawn is there.
In brokenness, a strength takes flight,
Guided by Allah’s gentle light.

The weary ones, whose strength does wane,
Shall find relief after the pain.
In every tear, a promise gleams,
A tale of hope in life’s grand scheme.

Raise hands aloft, let prayers take flight,
In Allah’s mercy, find respite.
The heavens hear the oppressed’s cry,
Their supplications reach the sky.

The Prophet’s words, a beacon bright,
Illuminate the darkest night.
With faith, we trust, in every rhyme,
Allah’s love transcends all time.
Allah, so close, hears each fervent plea,
Nearer than veins, His love’s decree.
In pain’s fierce grip, the supplicant cries,
Swift aid from Him, faith never denies.
In whispers deep, the supplicant’s plea,
Allah, so near, his pain does see.
Closer than veins, His love profound,
In anguish, swift help shall resound.

Prophet’s wisdom, a truth declared,
Allah grants time, the oppressor spared.
Yet when His grasp, in justice, falls,
No escape from divine calls.

Night must yield to morning’s light,
Injustice, too, shall lose its fight.
For time may pass, but truth remains,
In Allah’s justice, none sustains.

About the Author: Reem Shraiky is a life devotee of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – International Arabic English Translation & Research Office, UK.