Israel-Palestine War Untold Stories

Untold Stories Special – A Plea To The Whole World From Gaza

As part of The Review of Religions’ ongoing coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, we wanted to capture the sentiments of people living in Gaza who have been directly impacted by the war. We were able to get in touch with Majd H. who has survived many previous attacks. Despite difficulties in communication, he was able to send us his sentiments so that we might share them with the world according to his wishes.

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Majd H., Gaza

Death is in the faces of my people. We’re at a point now where we expect to die at any moment. Some are awaiting Judgement Day. Some even wish for it, for any kind of change. How do I put this into words? The lives we now live are hells beyond description.

People try to cope with whatever’s available. No gas, no water, not even bread. All the bakeries were bombed. Even in the areas of Gaza that we were told would be safe, people are being killed. We’re forced to live like it’s the Stone Age. Everything’s being done with fire and wood. Bread’s being made on pieces of wood – if they’re even available. A 25kg bag of flour was approximately 15 US dollars, but now it costs between 70-80 US dollars – again, only if it’s available. 

We could never have imagined we would experience this suffering. Even the safe zones are being bombed and people are losing their lives. We don’t even have supplies for those who’ve been displaced from north to south. Look at the faces of the people of Gaza and you will see death. We’ve gotten to a point where we are no longer concerned. We are no longer worried. We have become numb to any feelings. Life has become the same as death. 

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I’ve survived so many other wars in Gaza, but they were nothing compared to this. I was a volunteer for The Red Cross in 2008, in 2014, in 2018, in 2020, and in 2021. We have never experienced one like this. We’ve lost the lives we had before. All our plans and dreams have been destroyed. 

Seeing people come out to say no to this war and to call for a ceasefire — that has reached the hearts of all of our people. We just want to be reassured. We want to know this war won’t continue. Please tell us it will end.

There’s no life here. Only starvation, extreme poverty, devastation and ruin. Please tell us it will end.

We drink water unfit for drinking. We have no medicine. We are not safe in our own homes. Our children are not even safe in the UN schools protected by international law. We cannot do anything in the face of this nightmare. 

We plead with you for any kind of support you are able to give. Convey our message to people in Britain and America. Those countries have a big influence on Israel. They have the power to bring about a ceasefire. 

You must convey our message. The suffering won’t come to an end merely through aid supplies delivered during humanitarian pauses. We need a ceasefire now. The tanks that have entered over the bodies of our women and children must withdraw immediately. There are thousands under the rubble who we are unable to save. We need a ceasefire right now. Please tell the whole world.

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There has to be pressure from the rest of the world on the decision-makers in America and Israel to stop these massacres. Actually, the word ‘massacre’ does not suffice. What is happening is like being in an inferno. We are in shelters awaiting our end every minute.

To my fellow Ahmadi Muslims in the rest of the world:

Always be with us. Stand by your brothers. Your brothers need you. We hope, God willing, that this war will end and that we will see you soon. May Allah protect the Khalifah [Caliph] and all the members of the Community. God willing, you will play a major role in conveying the message of the Gazans to the people of the World. 

Hearing the sermons of our beloved Khalifah, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), has had a profound effect on us. 

My message to our beloved Khalifah: 

May God support you with His mighty victory and accept your prayers for us. Our dear Khalifah, I send you a greeting from the brothers here in the beloved Gaza Strip. We know that you will be the voice of truth, the voice of the oppressed here in Gaza, the voice of the brothers who do not find shelter, water, nor the necessities of life. 

We appeal to you to be our voice, the voice of truth, the voice of the voiceless, to convey this message from the midst of suffering, from the midst of fear, death, hunger, poverty, and extreme difficulty. Convey our message to this unjust world, that does not listen to us and does not listen to our appeals. Perhaps they will listen to you, our dear Khalifah. May God support you with His victory and open the hearts of the Muslims and all nations at your hands. Ameen

About the Author: Majd H. is a resident of Gaza who has survived many previous attacks.


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  • May Allah protect you always and ease your suffering. We in Europe are thinking and praying every day for you, especially on Jummah. Be strong my brothers and sisters, you are not alone, the tearful prayers of hundred of thousands are with you which are stronger then any weapon.