36 CONTRIBUTION BY THE AHMADIYYA MUSLIM MISSION TOWARDS HEALTH CARE IN GHANA (Dr. Mohammad Bin Ibrahim, Medical Officer, Akrofuom) In the field of health, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission has since 1970 established five hospitals in the country. One significant aspect about these hospitals is that they are located in the rural areas which make them great assets for the implementation of the primary health care programme. For instance, two of these hospitals i.e. those at Techiman in the Brong / Ahafo region and Swedru in the Central Region are at level C. i.e. the District levels whereas the remaining three hospitals i.e. those at Asokore, Kokofu and Akrofuom Adansi, all in the Ashanti region, are at level B, the local council levels. Apart from the great heights which these hospitals have attained in medical care and even attracting patients from neighboring countries and far beyond, they also participate actively in the PHC programme. For instance, in the Ahmadiyya Hospital at Akrofuom Adansi where I am the Senior Medical Officer in charge, the hospital is currently contributing immensely to an on going Expanded Programme on immunization in the Adansi West District as well as the training of level A personnel from over fifteen villages in the Akrofuom Zone. I am happy to say that I have been co-opted into the DHMT and have been made the Zonal Medical Officer in Charge of the Akrofuom Zone. In the field of education, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission has opened a large number of Day Care Centres and Nurseries, Primary and Middle Schools, Junior and Senior Secondary Schools and a Teacher Training College throughout the country. These institutions continue to turn out personnel who directly and indirectly handle various aspects of the PHC programme all over the country. HEALTH CARE 37 throughout the country established by the Ahmadiyy Muslim Mission. Notable amongst them is the farm at Dipale where a successful experiment has been carried out as to the feasibility of growing wheat in Ghana. This will, no doubt, go a long way in solving the problem of malnutrition int the country. And last but by no means the least is the moral. training and education the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission gives to all its members and others associated with the Mission, thus inculcating in our youth in particular the abhorence of such social vices as alchoholism, smoking, drug abuse and promiscuity. In conclusion the PHC means among other things: 1. Drinking clean water. 2. Growing and eating nourishing food. 3. Keeping our environment clean. 4. Vaccinating our children on time. 5. Planning our family. 6. Helping to develop our community. 7. Seeking health care on time, and in all these the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana has contributed a lot. REQUEST TO AMIRS 1. Amirs and Missionaries Incharge of our worldwide Ahmadiyya Missions are requested to appoint correspond- ents for The Review of Religions to provide articles and items of religious interest for it. They may kindly submit their names for our record and contact. 2. An impressive and informatory 144 page centenary edition of The Review of Religions will Inshallah. be published. Please reserve copies on behalf of your Jamaat and inform us before the end of December 1988. 3. Space for appropriate adverts is also available in the issue. Managing Editor