One of the fundamentals of Islam is that it requires a belief in all the prophets of God. God has sent messengers throughout the ages to various communities in different parts of the world. These messages have been in accordance with the needs and developments of those communities. The final law bearing prophet was the Holy Prophet of Islam(sa). The Islamic concept of the Divine is that of a God Who has not ceased to communicate with and provide for his creation. So all religions are united by a common historical thread although their outward appearances may be different. Unfortunately, it is these outward differences that are sometimes exploited to promote hatred and fear betwe e n peoples. Islam however presents a clear message. The Promised Messiah(as) has said: ‘Of all the principles to which I have been made to adhere firmly, there is one that has specifically been revealed to me by God Himself. That principle is to desist from declaring false in essence, such religions as have been revealed by God through His prophets and which have the following characteristics. They h ave met with wide acceptance in certain regions of the world – having s u rv i ved all challenges, they have become well established and deeply rooted. Having stood the test of time for long, they have acquired a measure of age and an air of perfo r m a n c e. A c c o rding to this principle, such religions are essentially true and their founders we re most cert a i n ly true p rophets of God.’ (Roohani Khazain , Vol.12: Tohfa Qaisariya, p 256). He also said: ‘This is a most attractive and peace giving principle which provides the basis for reconciliation amongst nations and promotes better moral conduct. This principle teaches us to believe in the truth of all prophets wherever they might have appeared; in India, Persia or China or any other counny and for whom God has filled the hearts of millions of people with awe and deep respect and has caused their religions to be firmly rooted.’ (Roohani Khazain, Vol.12: To h f a Qaisariya, p259) These pro found wo rds provide a b e a u t i f u l ly simple solution to re l i g i o u s h a t red and misunderstanding that have divided peoples over the centuries. Islam is unique in recognising the truth of all the prophets thereby encompassing all other religions. This concept of re l i g i o u s universality within Islam therefore provides a unifying thread and a prescription for peace that is so badly needed in the world today. Finally the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s well renowned motto ‘love for all, hatred for none’ is a great recipe for unifying mankind and removing misunderstanding, discord and hatred. Mansoor Saqi 2 The Review of Religions – January 2003 Editorial