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48 ARTICLES PUBLISHED IN 1989 January 1989 Editorial. Guide Posts. Creation of Man. The Holy Prophet. Thoughts and Reflection. Anecdotes from Hadith. Second Advent of Jesus. Eighty Years Ago. Press Desk. February 1989 Editorial. Guide Posts. Importance of Holy Quran and Hadith. Arianism. Philosophy of Revelation. Eighty Years Ago. Islamic Laws of Marriage. Predestination. Aristotle. Press Desk. The Promised Son. Sorrows and Trials. Visions of the Future. March 1989 Centenary Message. Editorial. Rabwah — Past & Present. Journey of a Lifetime. Role of Ahmadiyyat. First Baiat. The Divine Experience. Jesus in Islam. Two VIP’s. The Ahmadi Khalifa. Century of Events. April, May 1989 Editorial. Interview. Islam and Human Rights. Sunshine of the Soul. 80 Years Ago. Holy Prophet’s Advent Foretold. Spiritual Life of the American Indian. The Future Global Religion. Theory of Prayer. Aristotle. June 1989 Editorial. Blessings of Khilafat. Interview with the Sunday Times. Ahmadiyyat in Guyana. St. Irenaeus on the Age of Jesus. 6th Century Arabia. A Blessed Heart. Synopsis of the Blessed Progeny. 80 Years Ago. July & August 1989 Editorial. Press Conference. 80 Years Ago. Ascension of Jesus how Real? Book Review. Islamic Business Ethics. Press Report. REVIEW OF RELIGIONS 49 September 1989 Editorial. 24th UK Annual Convention. Audience With Allah. Effect of Sex and Crime. 80 Years Ago. A Face to Face Mubahala. Press Report. Book Review. October 1989 Editorial. Friday Sermon. Life and Teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad. History of Ahmadiyya Movement In Ghana. Press Release. The Contemporary Nigerian Art Culture. November 1989 The Lunar and Solar Eclipses. Hazrat Aisha – A Brief Life Sketch. 80 Years Ago. Book Review. Press Report. Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas. December 1989 Editorial. Cosmology and the Quran. History of Ahmadiyyat in Nigeria. 80 years ago. Book Review. Human Soul in the light of Quranic teachings. Press Report. Articles published in 1989. (From page 27) arises in the minds by the expression equal with God. If Christ was himself, it was unmeaning to talk of him as equal with God. Christ himself has said, —My Father is greater than I, and I was sent by Him to do His will This is life eternal that they may know Thee the only True God and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent (John, xvii, 3). Christ has been called , King of Sion, Lord and Master, Light of the World, Bread of life, Lamb of God, High Priest, Prophet, Redeemer amd Reconciler.Saviour, Teacher ,the Way, Truth, Light and Life, Wisdom of God, Voice of God and the Son of God;. About twenty times in Scripture, God is styled the God of Jesus Christ. Forty times Jesus is called a man. Sixty-eight times God was styled the Father of Jesus Christ. Nineteen times Jesus is called a Prophet. Upwards of eighty times Jesus is called the Son ot Man. Fifty-six times the Sent of God. The Son of God about one hundred and twenty times. In nineteen passages it is declared that all praise and prayers are to be offered up to God. Four hundred and fifty times peculiar epithets are applied to God, none of which are applied to Christ. Thirteen hundred passages show that God is a Being distinct from Jesus Christ. The doctrine,that Jesus Christ is God, is not only without proof, but opposed to the ample and clear testimomy of the Holy Scrptures. – Unity and Minister. The REVIEW of RELIGIONS The Review of Religions is the oldest magazine of its kind published in English language in the Indo-Pakistan Sub-Continent. Its first issue was published in 1902 and it has been continuously published since. It bears the distinction that it was initiated under the direction of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the Promised Messiah himself. During more than eighty-six years the message of Islam has been conveyed through this magazine to millions of readers and many fortunate persons have recognized the truth of Islam and accepted it through its study. The articles published in it deal not only with the doctrines and teachings of Islam but also set forth a comparative appreciation of the teachings of other faiths. One of its outstanding features is the refutation of the criticism of Islamic teachings by orientalists and non-muslim scholars. It also presents solutions in the light of Islamic teachings of the problems with which the Islamic world is from time to time confronted. A study of this magazine is indispensable for the appreciation of the doctrines of the Ahmadiyya Movement and the teachings of its Holy Founder. Printed by Raqeem Press, Islamabad, Sheephatch Lane, Tilford, Surrey GU10 2AQ, U.K. Published by The Review of Religions, The London Mosque, 16 Gressenhall Road, London SW18 SQL.