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The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa)
The relationship of deep love and affection between ‘A’ishah (ra) and Muhammad (sa) (Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad - Rabwah)
The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa)
An unfortunate incident is analysed, which proved to be an extremely stern trial for ‘A’ishah (ra) (Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad - Rabwah)
The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa)
Part 1 on the life of Hazrat ‘A’ishah (ra), who is said to have taught half the faith of Islam through her narrations of the Holy Prophet (sa) (Hafiz Muzaffar Ahmad - Rabwah)
The Issue of the Age of Hazrat ‘A’ishah
The Life and Character of the Seal of Prophets Volume II, Chapter VI (Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad(ra))
The Life and Character of the Seal of Prophets(saw) – Volume II
NEW AND EXCLUSIVE – Brand new English translation of Volume II of the epic Biography of the Holy Founder of Islam, Muhammad(saw), which will be serialised in The Review of Religions prior to the release of the book. This is the first publication of this translation, exclusive to The Review of Religions. We present the life story of the model human being, who was sent as a ‘Mercy to all Mankind’. (Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad(ra))
The Life & Character of the Seal of the Prophets(saw) – Part 15
The Holy Prophet(saw)’s marriage to Hadhrat Sauda(ra) and Hadhrat ‘A’ishah(ra) examined. (Hazrat Mirza Bashir Ahmad(ra))
Freedom of Conscience and Expression in Islam
To what extent does Islam permit freedom of expression and freedom of speech? (Nadeem Ahmad Siddiq - Canada)
Hadhrat ‘A’ishah Siddiqah(ra) and the Holy Prophet(saw) – A Relationship of Love
A glance at the affectionate and loving relationship that existed between Hadhrat ‘A’ishah(ra) and her husband,the Prophet of Islam(saw). (Hamdah Sanori Farooqi – UK)
The Philosophy of Punishments in Islam
This article examines the Islamic penal system and how ‘harsh’ punishments are only meant as a deterrent. (Dr. Iftikhar Ayaz O.B.E – UK)
Hadhrat ‘A’ishah Siddiqah(ra) – The Circumstances of Her Marriage to the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw)
This article analyses conflicting reports surrounding Hadhrat ‘A’ishah’s age at the time of her marriage to the Holy Prophet(saw). (Hamdah Sanori Farooqi – UK)
The Holy Prophet’s Love of Allah
An insight into the unshakeable and all-consuming love that the Holy Prophet(saw) had for Allah. (Tommy Kallon – UK)
Defending Islam in the West. (Sarah Waseem – UK)
Book Review: The Jewel of Medina
A critical review of a novel allegedly based on the history of the life of Hadhrat ‘A’ishah(ra). (Sarah Waseem – UK)
Hadhrat ‘Ali (ra)
The close bond between Hadhrat ‘Ali (ra) and the Holy Prophet (saw) and how this contributed to his unique knowledge of the Qur’an and Hadith. Also an analysis of the role of Hadhrat ‘Ali(ra) under the first three Khulafa and his achievements as the fourth Khalifah. (Fazal Ahmad - UK)
Hadhrat Abu Bakr (ra)
Account of the life of the first Caliph of Islam, who was closest in example to the teachings of the Qur’an after the Holy Prophet (saw) himself. His practical leadership was based on belief in the power of Allah that supported the Muslims. (Adam Walker – UK)
The Purity of the Text of the Holy Qur’an – Part 6
Was the order of the chapters of the Holy Qur’an arbitrary and is our current order of chapters the same as the original? (From The Review of Religions, 1907).