Dear Editor, Assalamo Alaikum.

I am most surprised and hurt by the recent comments of David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK. In banning the head covering, his party could lose the next election. Why? Because:

1. Employment: The high employment rate of the country would go down. Most hijab-wearing women are
such great professionals, replacing them would be difficult.

2. The Economy/Credibility: Many hijab-wearing Ahmadi professionals
I know of excel in their professions
as lawyers, teachers, scientists and doctors. Big economic losses would happen without them. The credibility of institutions would also suffer as a result.

3. Tourism: When hijab-wearing families leave Britain due to the ban on hijab/language restrictions, their families will no longer visit Britain.

4. Depression: Children of hijab- wearing mothers will suffer from depression/stress when their mothers lose their employment.

5. The lack of self-confidence in such people would increase.

The recent statements on head coverings have hurt us. If I wear a
hijab, what difference does it make
to you? If my sisters in England are performing their duties efficiently as doctors, teachers, lawyers and scientists, then why ban their specific dress?

When you ban the hijab, you ban excellence.

Kind Regards,

Maryum Samar 


Dear Editor,

The article entitled “The Keys to Peace 
in a Time of Global Disorder” (January 2016) was inspirational. I do appreciate receiving The Review of Religions booklet and find so many articles enlightening. Thank you for sharing. It does much to explain the Muslim religion.

Jennie Lajoie

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