Easter Special Edition/Mar. 2012

Tracing Post-Crucifixion Foosteps…

The commentary is extremely important. I’ve been Christian for many years but all this information gives more sense to my belief, showing a Jesus much more easier to imitate. Thank You.

Pedro Estopinan


Letters to World Leaders/Apr. 2012

May Allah Grant wisdom and understanding to the world leaders to do whatever possible to avoid this Third World War as Hudhur(aba) has mentioned, which will be a complete disaster and destruction of the future human race. We should all pray to Allah the Almighty to save us from any such situation. Amin. Wassalam.

Rehana Khursheed, USA


After reading these letters I am feeling so lucky and want to thank God Almighty who blessed us with such a person, the Khalifa of Hadhrat Masih Maud(as) who is there for us, prays for us and thinks about the whole world. May Allah Bless him with a healthy and long life. Amin. And May Allah enable us to spread the message of peace given by our Holy Prophet(saw) to the world. Amin.

Aisha Muzafar, Yellowknife, Canada


More than 1400 years back, the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) sent letters to the various kings and leaders of that age inviting them to the fold of Islam. The kings who treated those letters with respect were saved while those that didn’t lost their kingdoms. Hope the message of peace that has been sent to the world leaders of today by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) is respected and they pay heed to his Holiness’s words of wisdom.

Dr Asifa Hamid


All praise belong to Allah, Lord of all the worlds, we have an Imam, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih(aba). May Allah bless our beloved Hudhur(aba), the one and only true representative of Allah on earth, who delivers this timely powerful message to the world leaders. These letters reflect the concerns of his Holiness and the love he has for humanity. May Allah bless Hudhur’s efforts to foster peace and make all the nations play their role in bringing about harmony in this world and shun hatred and destruction. May the world Leaders heed his message. Amin. Wassalam.

Chaudhry. G.M. Sera, Isselburg, Germany


May Allah protect our beloved Khalifa(aba). The letter is highly commendable as it goes to show the true Islam that Ahmadiyyat represents. May the message of peace inherent in the letter, sent to the world leaders and the rest of humanity be understood in its totality. Amin. Wassalam.

Najim Salahudeen, Osun State, Nigeria


These letters to the heads of powerful and critical states for world peace show the seriousness of Jama’at Ahmadiyya which follows the rule “Love for All Hatred for None”. Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba), 5th Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at has made a very sincere, realistic and honest gesture in advising the powerful heads of states of their moral and humanitarian responsibilities. I am quite positive and sure they will not listen and they inside would rate this Jama’at as a religious organisation like many others. But this is not the case. This Jama’at, apart from deeds relies very heavily on prayer. It believes that the source of all strength is Allah and to seek His blessings one must pray and pray and pray. No other Muslim leader of either name or fame or wealth had the courage to write. At least the Jama’at has done its duty of reminding and writing. May Allah give vision and open the hearts of those at the helm of affairs to save humanity from the Third World War breaking out.

Haideruddin Tipu


Consequences of Nuclear War/May. 2012

A review of the world powers’ new approach towards Iran’s nuclear plans underlines the fact that some sort of change has taken place. This reminds me of the decision of the NATO forces to intervene in Serbia, the way it did in the mid 1990′s. At that time the “letters” worked and God willing this time also the “letters” will not be in vain.

Dr. Boodhun, Canada


I strongly believe that these words are by a man of God, to convey a warning to all people of the world, weak or strong, as a sincere effort to bring everyone to ‘absolute justice’ which is the only guarantee to world peace. God has distinguished him as the true world leader in true submission of Muhammad(saw) and his Promised Messiah and Mahdi(as), as all other leaders of the world, big or small, seem to have miserably failed to bring about peace even in a remote corner of the earth.

Zaheer A. Khan


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  • I have read these letters and now I am feeling very much lucky and blessed by Allah Tala, as I am an Ahmadi Muslim Alhamdolilah. May Allah Tala grant Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(aba) a long and healthy life. No other so-called Muslim in the world has courage to take this step. I don’t understand why people ignore such clear signs. May Allah Tala show everyone the right path. Ameen.