Easter Special Edition/March 2012

“Did Jesus(as) Really Die…..”

This excellent research and this site itself have helped me answered questions to which I have sought all my life. I have found the connection necessary here to free my soul. The question now is, what to do with this? I have had a certain statue in my home, that of a meditating Jesus, which causes much disagreement to those that see it. Now it all seems to fit. But my nagging question to myself is “why did you know this to be true all your life?” I could never connect the Jesus in my heart to organized religion but felt that the teachings of Christ and those of the Buddha were the same truths. Needless to say, I am speechless and overwhelmed. Namaste.

Elizabeth Armstrong Kolodziejski

Dear Ms Kolodziejski,

Thank you very much for your email. We are extremely happy that the Easter Special Edition has proved beneficial to you. In answer to your question, we are sending you a copy of The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam written by the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as), whom we believe was the Promised Messiah(as) awaited by the followers of all major religions. This book explains the true philosophy of Islamic teachings in detail and we have no doubt it will provide you with answers to quench your thirst for further knowledge. Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything else and we hope to remain in contact. Once again, many thanks for your email.

Kind regards,

Amer Safir



Rev. John Hugh Smyth Pigott…./February 2012

A well-formed, researched, and defined composition on the subject which itself is reflective of the spirit of the Ahmadiyya Movement and its Founder. On the other side, the detractors of Ahmadiyyat in this age have booted this subject repeatedly. Suffice it to say, their arguments have been resoundly defeated just as Piggott’s legacy was resoundly annihilated.

Amer Aziz


A Study in History and Mystery/June 2012

Excellent piece of information, gathered with honest intention and tireless efforts. Here I feel we are in the making of glorious history of True Islam, which generations to come will be proud of. JazakAllah.

Jaki Ahamad


Letter to Queen Elizabeth II/July 2012

Khilafat is a beautiful treasure which I am blessed to have. I wish the rest of the world would come to its senses. May God Almighty put a stop to the violence that has increased so suddenly and rapidly all over the world. This letter is defining history and the only power that we have now is our prayers.

Zoma Kaleem


May Allah Almighty shower our Hudhur(aba) with infinite blessings and bounties (Ameen)! May Allah Almighty accept the prayers of our beloved Hudhur(aba) in favour of Her Majesty the Queen and her progeny and guide them to the path of righteous (Ameen)! The world, as well as Her Majesty the Queen, is waiting for the arrival of the Promised Messiah(as) to come and save the world from the devouring of the anti-Christ (dajjal). The Promised Messiah(as) has come and has established a community of righteous people who are committed to propagate Islam (the peace) in the world and to counter the mischievous activities of the anti-Christ. May Allah Almighty open the heart and mind of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, to comprehend the arrival of Promised Messiah(as) in the person of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed(as) of Qadian and give her the vigour and courage needed to accept this reality in the face of all worldly challenges (Ameen)!

Fahim Channa


After reading the letter, my heart is filled with praises to Allah the Almighty. All praise goes to Him and I pray that my beloved Hudhur(aba) always remains under the guidance and blessings of Allah. May Allah always keep our dearest Hudhur(aba) safe and sound. Ameen.

Sabiha Mehmood


The way our beloved Imam has expressed his cordial sentiments for her Majesty, they display the feelings of all the Ahmadies worldwide for the peace, harmony and tranquillity Jama’at Ahmadiyya has witnessed since the rule of Queen Victoria to the era of Queen Elizabeth II. May our dearest Imam always remain safe and his notions of peace and love be welcomed by all the nations over the globe. Ameen.

Waqar Bhatti


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