Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

Heard at Jalsa: The Children’s Edition

‘Hurry up! I need to take you to your dad.’

– A mother hurries her child to drop him off to the men’s side.

‘I thought I told you to wait here.’

– An exasperated mother discovers her child at a different spot than the one agreed upon.

‘Why didn’t you tell your aunt where your shoes were?’

– A mother just trying to understand.

‘Is it too early to have ice cream?’

– A young girl asks her mother at the Jalsa car park at 09.40am.

‘Where did you get the balloon?’

– A desperate mother asks another as her child demands one too.

‘If you finish your daal roti we can go to the bazaar for ice cream.’

– A mother negotiating with her child.

‘What is it that you need?’ *in an alarmed tone

– A mother says to her two children entering and pulling out all of the contents of her handbag.