Snapshot: Ahmadiyya Mosque Activities in Germany


What is the purpose of the mosques constructed by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community? Their function is encapsulated by the following words of His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, at a recent inauguration of an Ahmadiyya Mosque.

“…[Our mosques] will prove to be a source of spreading love, affection, peace and brotherhood for all people irrespective of whether they are Ahmadi or non-Ahmadis or whether they are Muslim or non-Muslims. The doors of our mosque will always be open to the people of all religions, because this mosque is a means of manifesting God’s grace, mercy, love and compassion for mankind…


The mosques play a key role in educating the youth across the country about the true teachings of Islam. Students from universities, colleges and primary schools frequently visit the mosques.

Case Study - Group outside Mosque

To promote peace and religious harmony ‘Day of The Founders of Religion’ is commemorated to help learn and appreciate the common values shared by all religions and their founders.  

Case Study - bensheim - Religious Founders Day 

‘Mosque Day Open Events’ are organised throughout the year, giving the opportunity to members of the public to visit the mosque and learn more about Islam.

 Case Study - koblenz - group seen from side

Dignitaries, politicians and prominent guests from around the country are regularly invited.

 Case Study - koblenz - Firefighters

Case Study - koblenz Dignitary 1

Exhibitions and seminars are held in the mosques all over the country, a platform for learning and enquiring about the teachings of Islam.

Case Study wuerzburg with 2 guests b