Testimony of Witnessing the Blessings of Khilafat

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(Murtaza Ahmad travelled to Palestine from November 2019 to January 2020. Below is an article highlighting some of his experiences and witnessing the blessings of Khilafat. This article was originally published by The Review of Religions on 1st April, 2021)

Murtaza Ahmad, UK

Several months ago, I returned from Kafr Sur [November 2019 – January 2020], a remote village in Tulkarm in West Bank, Palestine, where His Holiness, beloved Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) had sent me to study Classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences. The village has a population of around 1500 people. In recent years, the Jama’at (Community) has purchased a plot of land and built the first Markaz (centre) called Baitul Aman, or ‘the House of Safety’, in the West Bank, Palestine, which serves as a hub for all the activities of Ahmadis in the West Bank. Baitul Aman is the first Markaz built on Palestinian soil after the first mosque was built in Haifa in 1931.

During my time in the West Bank, Palestine, I was able to reflect on my relationship with Allah and the blessings of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya (the Caliphate of the Ahmadiyya Community). I am incredibly grateful for the opportuntites I was given during this period, as I was able to meet an array of inspiring Ahmadi brothers and many Sunni Muslims. I shared with them my personal testimony of the blessings of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya

Even as I pen down my thoughts on the discourses I had with Palestinan Sunni Muslims, particularly my experiences with Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, I’m somewhat hesitant – who am I to tell other people about my personal experiences with Khilafat? Perhaps its better to write purely fact-based articles on Khilafat than to delve into the murky waters of my subjective experience. I also consider myself absolutely unworthy of commenting on the miracles I have seen, felt and observed while working under beloved Huzoor (aba). But then again, maybe sometimes its necessary to have a discourse on personal testimony, especially for the purpose of preaching to non-Ahmadis about the Divine Succour and Assistance of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya

Discussing Ahmadiyya Doctrines with Sunni Muslims

Upon arriving in the village, I was able to fully integrate into the Arab culture. Abdul Qadir Sahib al-Mudallal, President of the Community in West Bank, along with his two brothers, are passionate preachers of Ahmadiyya and they are well-known  for their examplary morals throughout the village. (Abdul Qadir is a scholar and regular panellist on the worldwide television channel, MTA3 Al-Arabiyya. He is also the much-beloved village school teacher who was recently awarded the Distingished Teacher Award by the Ministry of Educaton in Ramallah, Palestine. I attended the prize giving ceremony where I saw him receive the award from the Prime Minister). Almost every day, the locals, many of whom were taught by him, asked me about Ahmadiyya. During my time in the village, the more I would frequent the local shops, school, houses, university and coffee shops, the more I would be asked:  ‘Why are you an Ahmadi?’ This paved the way for preaching in the area. I noticed however, that I was being watched with a mixture of curiosity and suspicion as I was being hosted by Abdul Qadir in the Ahmadiyya Mission House. 

On numerous occasions, I accompanied Abdul Qadir to the local secondary school where I met the principal of the school and engaged in many interesting dialogues with him. I also had the opportunity to interact with numerous students from an-Najah National University and the local secondary school, some of whom visited the Ahmadiyya headquarters for the first time. On one occasion, I was introduced by the school principal to all members of the staff. The school principal encouraged them to ask me anything they wished to know about Islam Ahmadiyya. The floor was open to questions in Arabic and that too in the company of an educated audience. To be honest, I felt I performed well but it was hard to gauge what they were actually thinking about my answers. Nonetheless, it was quite an experience! Only later on, I learned how interesting they found the discussion and that they were impressed with the way that the true picture of Islam Ahmadiyya was presented to them. Abdul Qadir even observed that ‘I felt as though God was helping you answer all their questions, including some allegations against the Ahmadiyya Jama’at.’ Alhamdolillah [All praise belongs to Allah]. This was not due to my own efforts but merely due to the blessings and prayers of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, otherwise I am fully cognizant of my many weaknesses and shortcomings.  

Palestinian Sunni Imam Asks ‘Tell me, Does God Speak to Your Khalifa?’

One day, the President of the Community in West Bank arranged a small gathering where I had the chance to speak to the local Imam from one of the villages in Tulkarm. He was already well-informed about the Jama’at and discussed with me the unique features of the Second Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad’s (ra) magnum opus, Tafsir-e-Kabir [The Grand Exegesis of the Holy Qur’an]. He also mentioned that he had written an entire thesis on this commentary during his time in an-Najah National University. In the course of our conversation, he asked me, ‘Is there any evidence of God speaking to the Khalifa?’ After a brief pause, I began replying, ‘We believe, with no shred of doubt, that the Khulafa’ (Caliphs) are elected by God. The more one speaks to another, the deeper the love becomes. As such, there is no man alive today on the face of this earth who Allah loves more than the present Khalifa (aba). The moment Allah elevates a Khalifa to this position, He begins to speak to him more than ever before and showers him with Divine revelation. The Khalifa becomes the embodiment of Ayat al-istikhlaaf [1] (Qur’anic verse about Divinely appointed successorship) and since he was elected by Allah Almighty Himself, obeying him is tantamount to obeying Allah and His Messenger (sa). The Khalifa is trained and guided by Allah every step of the way. His supplications are more potent than the prayer of any other individual today – and this is the area in which the Khalifa excels over all other contemporary saints and mystics of Islam. Therefore, the earnest supplications and the guidance he receives from Allah shape and form not only the fate of individuals, but also the fate and destiny of the Muslim Ummah and the wider international community. 

Ahmadis believe that God has a unique relationship with the Khulafa’. Many Ahmadis have seen a glimpse of this on a personal level, which helps affirm their faith in the truth of Islam Ahmadiyya. My personal testimony is one among countless people who can share similar experiences.’

While I was still mulling over what I should say,  I recalled what my mother told me about the day I was born. I narrated that ‘Following my birth, my mother [Arfa Imtiaz] experienced a very rare and severe case of postpartum haemorrhage, and she was left battling for her life after losing almost the equivalent of every drop of blood in her body. Around 40 pints of blood were given to her. My father [Imtiaz Ahmad] still remembers that gut-wrenching moment when the doctors told him she was dying and that there was very little they could do. At that time, the Fourth Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh) was informed and he prayed fervently. He also prescribed a homoeopathic remedy for her. My aunt [Amatul Rauf] tried to enter the room where she was hospitalised and persuaded the doctors to allow her to place a few drops of holy water on my mother’s lips. (As she was in intensive care, the nurses kept a watchful eye on her. They would never have allowed our family to medicate her themselves). No sooner than my aunt had placed the drops on her lips, a miracle started to unfold before the doctors’ eyes. Her situation began to gradually improve, leaving the doctors absolutely astonished with her recovery. 

Having learnt homeopathy at the hands of her spiritual leader, Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (rh), my mother went on to become a homeopath herself and now three decades later, by the grace of Allah, she is, in turn, helping others in the homeopathic dispensary at Fazl Mosque (London). She currently has patients all over the world, some of whom come from long distances to seek treatment from her. May Allah grant her a long and healthy life.’ [Ameen

I said to the Imam that perhaps one may attribute this miraculous healing to a mere coincidence or simply nature’s mysterious ways of survival. Others may say it was merely the homoeopathy working. However, later in a private meeting with the Fourth Khalifa (rh), he described to my mother how fervently he had prayed for her in his prostrations. He said:

تم  تواوپر جانے والی تھی۔ میں تمہیں کیھینچ کر واپس لایا ہوں

‘You were about to leave us; I had to pull you back.’

Although we will never know whether the Fourth Khalifa (rh) was referring to an actual dream or vision, or just expressed how intensely he had prayed, the fact of the matter is that his prayers worked against all odds. This affirms my family’s faith in the acceptance of the prayers of our Khulafa’. It also demonstrates that Allah still listens to the desperate supplications and prayers of his beloved servants and that the impossible is possible with God. I believe that the Khalifa of the time has absolute belief in God which brings about an incredibly deep conviction in the acceptance of prayers. As a result of his prayers, people can be healed from even the most fatal diseases. By now, I realised the story had enthralled the Imam, and I was overcome by emotion. I now began to relate some more incidents.

I went on to say that Allah continues to speak to our current Khalifa, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba). Allah Almighty guides the Khalifa (aba) through revelations about matters relating to the Muslim Ummah, the expansion of the Jama’at, or even the subject-matter in the next Sermon. We also believe that the Khulafa’ are bestowed with Divine knowledge of the unseen and of future events that simply cannot be concoted by the human mind, as it originates directly from God. Nor should one be surprised if revelations or Kushuf [visions i.e. specific form of revelation that is shown to one while awake] are received about the batin [spiritual state] of an individual because revelations like these were commonplace among the companions of the Holy Prophet (sa) and the past awliya’ [saints]. The continuity of revelation and the acceptance of prayer is not confined to the legends of the past; the same God Who spoke in the past continues to speak to his beloved ones even today. By virtue of absolute devotion and obedience to the Holy Prophet (sa), the spiritual progeny of the Holy Prophet (sa) i.e. the righteous people, awliya’ and saints partake in these spiritual experiences, but, amongst all the spiritual progeny of the Holy Prophet (sa), we believe that this reached an apex in the person of the Promised Messiah (as) and then, in a similar vein, albeit in varying degrees, in all his Khulafa’.

We believe that the Khulafa’ are the successors and representatives of the Promised Messiah (as). The Ahadith (sayings of the Holy Prophet (sa)) mention that the Messiah of the Latter days would be guided by God through Wahy [revelation]. Similarly, his Khulafa’ and followers also partake in receiving this Divine guidance from on high. One method to determine the truth of our Community is to consider whether the Khulafa’ have direct communion with Allah? It is literally a testable method to determine the veracity of our claim. And it is for this reason that I have been urging my Sunni Muslim friends to establish a bond with the Khalifa (aba) by writing to him, because I believe they too can benefit from him. We are not speaking about someone who is pious and just happens to see numerous dreams and visions. Our claim is that Allah listens to his prayers more than any other person in the world today. Surely, it’s worth testing this out and see how it works out for you? 

Spiritual Experiences of Beloved Huzoor (aba)

I was once discussing with beloved Huzoor (aba) a number of passages from Hayat-e-Qudsi [a well-known autobiography of an illustrious companion of the Promised Messiah (as), Hazrat Ghulam Rasul Rajeki (ra)], and I touched upon the subject of spiritual experiences. The autobiography seeks to inspire its readers of the miracles of Islam to be gained through belief in Islam Ahmadiyya and the Promised Messiah (as). After having read the accounts of this companion, I could not help but ask, if this was the example of a mere disciple, how great, then must the spiritual experiences of the Khulafa’ be! And since God Himself had adorned beloved Huzoor (aba) with the mantle of Khilafat, I was much intrigued to learn about such spiritual experiences from beloved Huzoor-e-Anwar (aba) himself. And so one day, I enquired about this matter and Huzoor (aba) disclosed to me that at times while he prays for certain individuals during his Salat prayers, Allah can sometimes make them appear right before him. I am certain that incidents of this kind are not rare occurrences for beloved Huzoor (aba); rather, it is likely to be one example out of the many diverse and highly spiritual worlds he enters on a daily basis. Upon listening to this, the local Imam remarked, ‘Your Jama’at is so unique, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else in any sect of Islam. This is because you have spiritual experiences and testimonies. By God, whenever I sit among the Ahmadis, I feel that the members of your Jama’at are the true believers and the rest are disbelievers.’ 

The Imam’s remarks depict the sorry state of the Muslim world today. It seems that the Muslims have lost all hope of establishing their relationship with God. As I entered al-Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, the third holiest site for Muslims around the world, I saw the mosque filled with worshippers who were standing shoulder to shoulder, of all shades and races and classes. Many were preoccupied with prayer and dhikr [remembrance of God] and people were even crying as they read the Holy Qur’an. In view of the plight of the Palestinians, I felt incredibly sorry for them because not only had they closed the doors of revelation upon themselves, but also the possibility of a Divine reformer coming. Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya (the Caliphate of the Ahmadiyya Community) is part of this Divine scheme of reformation of which the Muslims are completely oblivious. 

I touched upon this subject while holding a dialogue with another Sheikh. Over the course of several days, we would somehow end up debating the colourful commentaries of the medieval exegetes, and I would share with him the interpretations and writings of the Promised Messiah (as) and his Khulufa’ on the same subject the next day. In as much as he differed with me on many issues, he acknowledged the brilliant work done by Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, but the idea of any Muslim experiencing any sort of revelation seemed entirely alien to him. As I began to narrate incidents, he did lend me an ear. 

Vision of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh)

I mentioned to him that, as a child, I remember one particular mulaqat [private meeting] with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh). My family had written a letter to the  Huzoor (rh) for prayers to move to a bigger house. As soon as we entered his office, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (rh) said: ‘Kaam ho gaya?’ [‘Has the matter been sorted out?’] We replied in the affirmative. Huzoor (rh) said that he had prayed for our family in his prostrations and as soon as he concluded his prayer, he saw a vision that my sister [Fareeda Mir] was jumping up and down jubilantly and was waving a letter in her hand. Upon seeing this vision, Huzoor (rh) was convinced that the prayer had been accepted. However, the truth of this vision was confirmed during the mulaqat when he noticed that my sister was wearing the exact clothes he had seen in his vision.   

God Guiding People to Khilafat (the Caliphate)

Furthermore, I was once asked by the scholar as to why I was so certain that Allah had Himself elected His Holiness (aba) as the Fifth Khalifa? After a lengthy discussion on Ayat-al-Istikhlaf [1] and the Divine Succour of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya, I mentioned that many people around the world have seen and received dreams and revelations that indicate that the Khalifa is elected by God. Allah has guided thousands to Ahmadiyya; many of them see the Promised Messiah (as) and his Successors in their dreams even before ever seeing a picture or video of them. In other dreams, the Holy Prophet (sa) directs them towards Ahmadiyya. These recurrent testimonies come from far-flung, remote places, from Africa to here in Palestine, to Europe, to India, to China. 

I gave another example: once I came across an English woman, the mother of one of my primary school friends outside a busy train station. I had not seen or spoken to her or her son for nearly twenty years. On any typical busy day, I would never think about approaching somebody, especially in a tube station, but I felt as though God inspired me to approach her and before I realised, I had mustered the courage to ask if she was the mother of my school friend. She was struggling to recognise me at this point until I said my name. We started talking and, in the course of the conversation, I was surprised to learn that she was already learning about Ahmadiyya. She then told me that she regularly listens to the English translation of the Friday Sermon, named MTA (Muslim Televison Ahmadiyya) programs and even referred to the Khalifa (aba) as Huzoor [the honorific title by which we refer to Ahmadi Caliphs]. ‘Wow’, I thought to myself. ‘What are the chances of that happening?’ I later mentioned to her that I was an Ahmadi Imam. My wife met her at a Peace Symposium and told me that the latter had seen a dream where she met Huzoor (aba) and saw his room radiate with light. This demonstrates how even those living in the West  are being guided by Allah Himself. May Allah guide her to the truth. Ameen

I went on to explain that many years before Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) was elected as Khalifa, my mother had a dream that there was an announcement on the microphone that:

ناصرہ کا بیٹا، مسرور خلیفہ بنگیا

‘Masroor, the son of Nasirah, has become the Khalifa.’

Upon the current Khalifa’s (aba) election, my mother remembered this dream and praised Allah when she found out that the present Khalifa’s (aba) name was Masroor and that his mother’s name was Nasirah. When my mother saw this dream, she had not the faintest idea who the present Khalifa (aba) was, and this dream was seen many years before when the Khalifa was living thousands of miles away in a foreign country, and at a time when he was still relatively unknown.     

Miracles of Khilafat

The Sheikh was still listening attentively to me. I went on to narrate to him another incident. I was once suffering from several health issues all at once which I mentioned to Huzoor (aba). Beloved Huzoor (aba) was extremely affectionate towards me and he gifted me with a ring, as he does to many others as well. He first rubbed the ring against his alaysallah ring [2] which he inherited from the Promised Messiah (as), and I could see Huzoor (aba) was praying with full concentration. The next day, I noticed that whenever I wore it, my ailments would suddenly disappear. To the sceptics who may wonder if this could perhaps be the result of placebo, I would say that when one hears about these types of miracles happening again and again, one would do well to investigate into this matter. Take, for instance, another individual I know who was diagnosed with a fatal disease. They told me that Huzoor (aba) prayed for them in exactly the same way –  and, lo and behold, the next time they went to the doctors, there was no sign of the disease whatsoever. Would it not be an injustice to dismiss this as placebo? 

Huzoor (aba) once explained to me the phenomena of healing the sick. He said to me that sometimes people come to him suffering from various kinds of ailments and at times, Allah Almighty inspires his heart with such a strong sense of conviction that for such and such person he should perform such and such act. Huzoor (aba) then gave an example of an individual who came to him seeking prayers for their suffering. Huzoor (aba) said that suddenly Allah inspired him to wipe his hands across the person’s forehead and, by the grace of Allah, the person recovered from that illness. Huzoor’s (aba) words were: 

اس وقت اللہ دل میں تحریک پیدا کرتا ہے

‘At that time, Allah inspires my heart.’ 

I then pointed out to Sheikh the example of my uncle, Chaudhary Fiaz Sahib. Just a few days prior to Jalsa Salana (the Annual Convention), he fell off a ladder and injured his arm. On the day of the inspection of the Jalsa Salana, Huzoor (aba) noticed him standing as Nazim (coordinator) of Maintenance for Islamabad with a bandaged broken arm. Huzoor (aba) turned to him and placed his blessed hands upon the bandage. No sooner than he had done this, Fiaz Sahib describes that there was no pain left whatsoever, and he was able to discharge his duty.

Huzoor (aba) once explained to me that:

یہ ان لوگوں کے حق میں ہوتا ہے جن کا خلافت پر بالکل مضبوط  ایمان ہوتا ہے

‘This usually happens to those who possess absolute faith in Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya.’

That is, the acceptance of Huzoor’s (aba) prayer hinges upon the degree of one’s faith in Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya (the Caliphate of the Ahmadiyya Community). I then explained to the Sheikh that he should request prayers from Huzoor (aba). Whether he ever wrote to Huzoor (aba) or not, I do not know, but one thing he did say which pleasantly surprised me was: 

‘When you go back to London and have the chance to meet your Khalifa, please kiss his forehead on my behalf.’

 I was surprised to hear this coming from the mouth of a non-Ahmadi Arab scholar.   


Revelation of Admonishment

I also shared the following incidents with several sincere Ahmadis from the Community in the West Bank. 

Somebody I know asked me to convey a message on their behalf to Huzoor (aba). They said someone was causing them a great deal of trouble. As I began describing to Huzoor (aba) their situation, I still cannot forget how upset Huzoor (aba) looked. He initially paused for a minute or two and said nothing. Suddenly, he looked at me and said: ‘Just wait and see…so and so will face a terrible tragedy.’ By God, within two days of Huzoor (aba) having said this, the offender in question was beset by a tragedy. It is possible that during his two-minute pause, Allah may have informed him about this matter. God only knows if they have now repented, but I did witness the words of the Khalifa being fulfilled to the letter, and this incident strengthened my faith in Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya.   

You Should be From Among My Helpers

Another point worth mentioning here is that upon the Khilafat Centenary, Huzoor (aba) stated that, prior to his Khilafat , he had received the revelation:

ینصرک رجال نوحي

الیھم من السماء

‘You will be helped by men who will receive revelation from the heavens’.

In one Mulaqat, Huzoor (aba) explained to me that if I or any other missionary would like to be among his true helpers, then we must bring about such a change in ourselves that we begin to receive revelation ourselves because this is the attribute of the helpers detailed in the aforementioned revelation. Evidently, this does not necessarily refer only to the office bearers working in the Community, but also to every Ahmadi who wishes to be among his helpers. We should all, therefore, pray that we are counted among the helpers of Huzoor (aba), and become the recipient of Divine revelation ourselves.   

It would be appropriate here to mention that I had the chance to meet Huzoor (aba) on the same day that he delivered his Arabic lecture to the Arab world. I was awestruck by Huzoor’s (aba) lecture and mentioned this to him. Huzoor (aba) said he had hardly made any preparations before making the address and put all his trust in Allah. Huzoor (aba) then said to me: 

تمہارا بھی اللہ پر ایسا توکل ہونا چاہیے کہ بولتے وقت اللہ تمہاری بھی مدد کرے

‘You should have such trust in Allah that He helps you while you speak.

Deep Intuitive Knowledge: A Form of Divine Revelation

I have experienced on countless occasions that no matter how linguistically challenging a point may be, no matter how much the academics have debated upon a specific issue, Huzoor (aba), by the grace of Allah, can arrive at a conclusion very quickly. Once, I expressed amazement at how quickly Huzoor (aba) manages to understand such complex and academically demanding topics. I asked Huzoor (aba) about this, and he smiled and then raised his finger in the air, indicating that everything he does is supported by the Divine. His intuitive knowledge and deep insights are undoubtedly Divinely supported and the evidence for this is the way he is currently leading the Jama’at from strength to strength. I have even noticed Huzoor’s (aba) remarkable insight in fields where no formal training has been received, from Huzoor’s (aba) understanding of highly complex Arabic lexicology, to opening a medieval classical text and arriving at the exact Arabic page which is being discussed in a mulaqat. His peculiar way of researching and investigating a hadith and referencing the sources, and his deep understanding of the Holy Qur’an, the speed at which Huzoor (aba) prepares the Friday Sermons, and how comprehensive the addresses are, is evident for all to see. From his gifted administrative prowess – the official meetings and directives given to the various departments around the world, the endless reports Huzoor (aba) reads from various countries around the world, to the personal interest Huzoor (aba) takes in the details of the Jama’at around the world. The balance he maintains while meeting members of the Jama’at and non-Ahmadis while reading and replying to the thousands of letters received, and his official tours around the world. This is proof that the Divine Hand is supporting Huzoor (aba); otherwise, this amount of work cannot be done by one man only.    

Dealing with Stress

In spite of all the hundreds of obstacles placed before the Jama’at, and the way it is relentlessly persecuted, I have noticed Huzoor (aba) is not the slightest bit overwhelmed. In fact, I even once asked if Huzoor (aba) ever feels overwhelmed and stressed out with the daily activities and responsibilities. Huzoor (aba) said, 

ایک سجدہ کرتا ہوں تو میرا ساراسٹریس ختم ہوجاتا ہے۔

‘All my stress disappears after only prostrating once.’

Upon hearing this, I felt deeply ashamed because our trials and tribulations are nothing compared to the Khalifa’s immense burden of having to literally save the world from destruction.

Every Night is a Laylatul Qadr (Night of Decree) for Huzoor (aba)

Once, on the topic of Laylatul Qadr (the Night of Decree), [3] I  mentioned to Huzoor (aba) that a family member had seen Laylatul Qadr the night before. Huzoor (aba) smiled and said:

میرےلئےہر رات لیلة القدر ہے۔

‘Every night is a Laylatul-Qadr for me.’

This means Huzoor (aba) experiences the night of decree in all 365 nights in the year, and he continues to witness the blessings of Laylatul Qadr throughout the year, and this is reflected in the way Allah manifests His signs to the Jama’at every minute of the day.  


Prays for Jama`at Like a Loving Father

‘Before sleeping at night, there is no country of the world that I do not visit in my imagination and no Ahmadi for whom I do not pray whilst sleeping and whilst awake.’ [4]

Huzoor’s (aba) love for the members of his Community and mankind, in general, is unfathomable. Upon becoming a Khalifa, Allah instils an infinite degree of care and affection not only for Ahmadis, but humanity in general – such that few can ever really truly know. This is reflected in Huzoor’s (aba) Tahajjud and Nawaafil prayers (supererogatory supplications), where he cries before his Lord for the guidance of humanity and particularly for the reformation of the Jama’at like a father would for his most beloved children. 

I see in Huzoor (aba) my spiritual fatherly figure. As his son, I see all the desirable qualities of a father: piety of thought and action, absolute trust in God, selflessness, patience, self-discipline, exemplary morals, high resolve, intrepidity, with whom one can identify on a deeply psychological level and who generates emotions generally felt towards fatherly figures, nay even greater. I often wonder how lucky we are to have Khilafat. This sacred institute has been there for me since the day I was born. To me, a Khalifa is very much like my father who has never left my side. He has shown me the value of our family – what we call the family of Ahmadiyya and the true Islam. You know love is real when we, his children, also start praying for Huzoor (aba) like we pray for our own fathers or loved ones on a daily basis. Like a desperate toddler who gestures by raising his arms to be picked up whenever we feel low, we all know that no matter what, this spiritual father will always be there – whether that’s because of the Friday sermons, the letters we write to him, or the Mulaqats. We can all rest in comfort knowing that the Khulafa’ will never abandon the family of Ahmadiyya. Through thick and thin, they will be by our side.

Those who have ever had the privilege of being embraced by Huzoor (aba), would know that he becomes even more affectionate than a father ever could, especially when he holds on to your hand and jokes in ways which a father would do with his son. To some, he may even utter the words, ‘you are like a son to me.’ For others, he may comfort them saying that he was awake praying for them. Indeed, such personal attention is the biggest gift one can ever receive. Is there any other leader in the world today with the universal sympathy and compassion of Huzoor (aba)? Who else today prays for the poor souls he sees ailing and suffering in the world like Huzoor (aba)? His love for mankind is unconditional, irrespective of where we are born or who we are. Huzoor (aba) has countless spiritual sons and daughters spread across the world that one can only imagine how long his prayer list would be! Moreover, there are thousands of testimonies available of members of the Community who write to him requesting for prayers and how God miraculously answered their prayers. For instance, at times, Ahmadis have even experienced that as soon as they begin writing a letter to Huzoor (aba), God answers their prayers. When members of the Jama’at meet Huzoor (aba), he often says: Allah Fazl Farmae’ [May God send His grace upon you] – I firmly believe the prayer comes from deep within his heart and that receiving a reply with merely these words can truly change one’s destiny. 

Huzoor (aba) once mentioned in his Friday Sermon that he even prays for those who curse him. This makes me reflect upon myself: how many times have I really prayed for those who I do not really get along with? Huzoor (aba) once explained to me that he even prays for those lost souls, who, in those rare moments of heat and passion, curse him right to his face when there is nobody else in the office. Huzoor (aba) then stated that he prays for these lost souls with great pain and desperation. How Huzoor (aba) would ever continue to pray for these individuals is quite beyond me, but the reason I know he would is because we believe that the life of beloved Huzoor (aba) is imbued with the light of his Master, the Holy Prophet (sa) who did just that. I know many, myself included, would give the person a good battering who tries to hurt the feelings of our Khalifa (aba), for we are his soldiers, and are willing to die for this cause but I also know that he is the embodiment of:

فَلَعَلَّکَ بَاخِعٌ نَّفۡسَکَ عَلٰۤی اٰثَارِھِمۡ اِنۡ لَّمۡ یُؤۡمِنُوۡا بِھٰذَا الۡحَدِیۡثِ اَسَفًا

‘So haply thou wilt grieve thyself to death for sorrow after them if they believe not in this discourse.’ [5]

If there is anybody who can rightfully take pride in being ‘the closest person to God  today’ – it would undoubtedly be the Khalifa (aba); yet, when somebody abuses him, he does not get perturbed in the least. Instead, it is highly likely he would get up and pray late at night for that person. Upon hearing this, it really made me reflect on why I should get so wound up when somebody abuses me? How petty must my grievances be in the eyes of God!

Indeed, Huzoor’s (aba) love for the Divine is the mainspring of all his work and the object of his plans. Since Huzoor (aba) is experienced in the spiritual realm of Divine Love, there really is is no one else in the world today that can help us forge a close relationship with God. What Huzoor (aba) has taught me, over the years, through his own example, is the incredible potency of prayer and the importance of having absolute trust in Allah. We have before us the example of a man who Allah not only speaks to on a daily basis, but also showers him with His love and Divine favours. Huzoor (aba) taught me that I too, can discover and immerse myself in the living flame of love. It is only when you pray, and your prayers are accepted, that one reaches absolute conviction where one discovers that flame of love which lies latent within us all. He has taught me that whatever comes, one should keep steadfast and keep rooted in Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya for therein lies the keys to prosperity. May we forever hold fast to this rope of Allah and witness the age of glory that is destined for the Ahmadiyya Jama’at. Ameen. 


[1] ‘Allah has promised to those among you who believe and do good works that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them; and that He will surely establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them; and that He will surely give them in exchange security and peace after their fear: They will worship Me, and they will not associate anything with Me. Then whoso is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.’ (The Holy Qur’an 24:56)

[2] A ring with the Qur’an inscription ‘Is Allah not sufficient for His servant?’ (The Holy Qur’an 39:37)

[3] The Holy Qur’an Chapter 97

[4] Friday Sermon June 6, 2014

[5] The Holy Qur’an 18:17