The Existence of God

Sight Beyond the Eyes

“Eyes cannot reach Him”. Shutterstock

The eye is a marvellous creation of Allah the Almighty. The acute skill necessary to treat and work on such a delicate part of the body is extraordinary, and without it, the possibility of treating ailments of the eye would be next to impossibility… or at least it should be. This was a miracle of Allah through which I witnessed the impossible.

Last year, in August 2020, I was working to acquire my driver’s license in Sweden, and to do so, I had to pass a mandatory eye test. I discovered after this test that I suffered from impaired vision in my left eye which caused my right eye to compensate for the weakness of the left.

Seeing as though it caused me no bother in my daily life, I ignored it and went about my life as usual.

In October, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet with His Holiness, the Fifth Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) in England.

At this time, any thought of my impaired vision appeared inconsequential, but as I sat in Huzur’s (aba) office, the most peculiar thing happened. Huzur (aba) looked at me and mentioned, seemingly out of nowhere, that there was an impairment in my left eye, due to which it couldn’t focus properly.

Sight Beyond the Eyes
Allah enables Khilafat to see what even trained experts cannot. Shutterstock

I sat perplexed, completely mystified as to how Huzur (aba) could have so accurately diagnosed the ailment in my eye. Huzur (aba) then instructed me to get the appropriate care for my eye. Upon my return to Sweden, I immediately scheduled an appointment with a doctor.

The doctor came to the same conclusion that Huzur (aba) mentioned and prescribed glasses for me. While I was sitting there with this professional, I felt the urge to ask a question that had burdened me since my meeting with Huzur (aba).

I inquired as to the likelihood of someone diagnosing such a condition from a simple glance without any sort of machinery or tools. The optician replied that to do so was impossible even for an expert like him.

This answer left me bewildered. How amazing is it that through the Khalifa, God enables the impossible to become possible!

About the Author: Mirza Nooruddin Ahmad graduated with a Masters in Innovation studies and Sustainable Development from Lund University in Sweden, where he currently resides.