Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

Jalsa Journal: Reporting from Day 2 of Jalsa Salana UK 2021


As the day wraps up, all around the Jalsa gah, you see spotless green, red and grey carpets, hoovered extensively by the cleanliness team, and this year, particular focus is given as per the Covid guidelines. Gone are the little trinkets left behind by children, surfaces are disinfected more than ever. Hand sanitiser is placed on one’s palms as they walk into a new marquee or leave the toilets. Shoes are packed away in plastic bags. Bins are emptied efficiently, you won’t see an overflow anywhere!

The squeaky clean surroundings extend to the Ziafat marquee, where precautions have been taken between each meal.

As they leave the marquee, Lajna are signing Taranas and waving goodbye to one another.

Now we get ready for day three.






One thing that is very prominent is the pin-drop silence during Huzoor’s (aba) speeches at this Jalsa. Huzoor’s (aba) voice is filling the silence. Now a cool breeze is blowing the cream curtains on one side of the marquee. When the wind picks up that is the only other sound we hear. The light is bouncing off the marquee walls. Ladies have been seated on chairs and hardly move, even more noticeable during this socially distanced Jalsa. All are enthralled with the stories of accomplishments of the Jama’at presented by Hazoor (aba).

To think that so many worldly activities came to a halt last year due to the pandemic, yet the work of Ahmadiyya Jama`at didn’t stop. In fact, the Community continues to prosper and grow.





Lunch break! Another round of Alu gosht consumed. The attendance has increased drastically. There is a lot more hustle and bustle on the ladies side today.

Having taken several rounds of the Lajna Jalsa site, it is clear that this year with masks and the weather conditions, it seems there is no need to dress up! Quite often we plan our outfits for the 3 days of Jalsa, as it marks a special event in our calendar. This year, however, we are reminded of what true adornment really is. True adornment is prayer and the spiritual garments we wear at the Jalsa Salana.



The new digital backgrounds are an interesting addition this Jalsa, over the days they’ve also been showing covid guidance as reminders for the attendees.



Some things are new, some things remain the same! Lajna members warm themselves up with tea on this particularly downcast day.



We counted the days and then hours until this precious moment. The most eagerly awaited part of Jalsa on the Lajna side! Beloved Huzoor’s (aba) address, which expressed the rights of women in Islam. Words are insufficient to describe the atmosphere in the marquee during the presence of our beloved Caliph (aba). It’s like a spiritual thirst has been quenched at last, after more than a year of without this beacon of light. Face masks and socially distancing did not hinder the passionate raising of slogans.

The session was completed with Tarana (poems) in various languages from across the world, uplifting everyone’s spirits.

The heart echoes with the words: ‘Inni ma’aka ya Masroor’ (Surely, I am with you, O Masroor).


Lajna session has ended. The excitement is palpable as we await the arrival of His Holiness (aba). Final preps under way.

Just had the privilege of listening to a converts inspiring journey to Islam Ahmadiyya. There is not a dry eye around me. Truly, Allah the Almighty guides those who seek the truth with sincerity. She mentioned how along with continuous heartfelt prayers and Allah’s guidance, an Ahmadi friend became her light in the darkest of times. It was her Ahmadi friends excellent morals and conduct which formed the basis of this friendship – oh the power of silent Tabligh! Ahmadiyyat zindabad!

The Lajna session is under way. Chairs are being filled up quickly inside the Lajna marquee. All attendees are listening attentively.

MTA International team all set up for the ladies session!

Prevention homeopathy medication given as you enter the Lajna site, after security checks.

Next, ID and security checks.

A sticker is given after you get the all clear – this lets the organisers and duty holders know that you’ve been through this process.

This cool device checks everyone’s temperature

First stop: Temperature check, along with covid vaccination proof and negative lateral flow test

Day 2 – For the last few days the weather has been temperamental to say the least, we’ve had showers and sunny episodes. However, today it’s raining buckets continuously!