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People of Jalsa: Keeping Jalsa Safe

As a CCTV engineer, Yasir Mumtaz knows all about keeping watch. He’s a member of the Jalsa security team continuously keeping an eye out, but not solely for potential threats.

‘We helped push 70 cars out yesterday from the car park!’. It’s clear the role is just as much to be a helping hand, as it is to ensure safety. With cars continuing to succumb to conditions, the security team have been pulled in to assist elsewhere and have embraced the responsibility. ‘I’ve already pushed out 4 cars this morning’, he says, letting us know that he’s smiling beneath his mask.

Yasir is stationed at one of 7 security camps at Jalsa where members of the team can rest, recuperate and even catch up on some sleep (notice the tents to the side). No doubt he’ll be called into action again shortly, smiling throughout.