Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

People of Jalsa: Helping Ahmadis Reach the Jalsa

Kathy has worked as a bus driver for 23-years but has never experienced anything like this. ‘To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect’. The team of bus drivers at Jalsa typically service routes in nearby towns and cities, so the invite to shuttle thousands of Muslims from the local Country Market to their religious convention in a giant field was pretty unusual.

Her anxieties quickly dissipated as she arrived on site, ‘I’ve been blown away by how friendly and courteous everyone is — I don’t think I’ve been thanked for my job in 23 years as much as I have this weekend!’.

Kathy is one of dozens of non-Ahmadi workers that help provide essential services at the Jalsa, including firefighters, paramedics, builders and engineers. Both Jalsa guests and external workers are welcomed with the same hospitality and warmth that is synonymous with the Jalsa, and Kathy is already looking forward to coming back, ‘I hope I get selected again next year, I can’t wait to work here once more!’.