Jalsa Salana/Annual Conventions

People of Jalsa: Transporting the Guests of the Promised Messiah (as)

Nomana Ahmed, a pharmaceutical account manager turned buggy-driver, makes several stops around the Lajna Jalsa site to transport guests. This task is not easy considering this year, there is only one buggy for general public transport on the lajna side.

Whilst taking a round, Nomana spotted a lady with an array of coloured bags, struggling to walk on the mud clad paths. Without the guest having to ask her to stop, Nomana approached her and assisted her onto the buggy. From the moment she sat down, to the moment she was dropped off, the guest showered Nomana in prayers for coming to her aid. Nomana said these prayers are the reason why she loves what she does. Even when her buggy gets stuck in the deep softened mud, and she has to push it out herself!

Within the Lajna Jalsa Gah, a banner reads, ‘Every believer has been commanded to make his manners so excellent that they become contagious’, and Nomana’s conduct exemplifies this.