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Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Sends Important Message to Pope Benedict XVI

The letter from Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba), Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community was delivered personally by the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Kababir, Muhammad Sharif Odeh, who met the Pope as part of an official delegation from Israel consisting of renowned religious scholars of various faiths. A copy of the Holy Qur’an with translation was also gifted to the Pope.

To His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVI,

It is my prayer, that may Allah the Almighty bestow His Grace and Blessings upon you.

As Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I convey to His Holiness the Pope the message of the Holy Qur’an: Say, ‘O people of the book! Come to a word equal between us and you – that we worship none but Allah, and that we associate no partner with Him, and that some of us take not others for lords beside Allah.’

Islam, nowadays, is under the glare of the world, and is frequently targeted with vile allegations. However, those raising these allegations do so without studying any of Islam’s real teachings. Unfortunately, certain Muslims organisations due only to their vested interests have portrayed Islam in a totally wrong light. As a result, distrust has increased in the hearts of the people of Western and non-Muslim countries towards Muslims, to the extent that even otherwise extremely well-educated people make baseless allegations against the Founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh).

The purpose of every religion has been to bring man closer to God and establish human values. Never has the founder of any religion taught that his followers should usurp the rights of others or should act cruelly. Thus, the actions of a minority of misguided Muslims should not be used as a pretext to attack Islam and its Holy Founder(pbuh). Islam teaches us to respect the Prophets of all religions and this is why it is essential for a Muslim to believe in all of the Prophets who are mentioned in the Holy Bible or in the Holy Qur’an, until and including Jesus Christ(pbuh). We are the humble servants of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and so we are deeply grieved and saddened by the attacks on our Holy Prophet(pbuh); but we respond by continuing to present his noble qualities to the world and to disclose even more of the beautiful teachings of the Holy Qur’an.

If a person does not follow a particular teaching properly whilst claiming to subscribe to it, then it is he who is in error, not the teaching. The meaning of the word ‘Islam’ itself means peace, love and security. There should be no compulsion in matters of faith is a clear injunction of the Qur’an. From cover to cover, the Holy Qur’an teaches love, affection, peace, reconciliation and the spirit of sacrifice. The Holy Qur’an states repeatedly that one who does not adopt righteousness is far removed from Allah, and therefore, is far removed from the teachings of Islam. Hence, if anybody portrays Islam as an extreme and violent religion filled with teachings of bloodshed, then such a portrayal has no link with the real Islam.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community practises only the true Islam and works purely to please God Almighty. If any Church or other place of worship stands in need of protection, they will find us standing shoulder to shoulder with them. If any message resonates from our mosques it will only be that of Allah is Great and that we bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Him and Muhammad(pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah.

A factor playing a major role in destroying the peace of the world is that some people perceive that as they are intelligent, well-educated and liberated, they are free to ridicule and mock founders of religions. To maintain peace in society it is necessary for one to eliminate all sentiments of hostility from one’s heart and to increase one’s levels of tolerance. There is a need to stand in defence of the respect and reverence of each other’s Prophet. The world is passing through restlessness and unease and this requires that by creating an atmosphere of love and affection, we remove this anxiety and fear, that we convey a message of love and peace to those around; that we learn to live with ever greater harmony and in a way better than before; and that we recognise the values of humanity.

Today, small-scale wars are erupting in the world, while in other places, the superpowers are claiming to try and bring about peace. It is no longer a secret that on the surface we are told one thing, but behind the scenes their real priorities and policies are secretly being fulfilled. Can peace in the world be established in such circumstances is the question. It is with regret that if we now observe the current circumstances of the world closely, we find that the foundation for another world war has already been laid. If after the Second World War a path of equity leading to justice was followed, we would not witness the current state of the world, whereby it has again become engulfed in the flames of war. As a consequence of so many countries having nuclear weapons, grudges and enmities are increasing and the world sits on the precipice of destruction. If these weapons of mass destruction explode, many future generations will never forgive us for having inflicted permanent disabilities upon them. There is still time for the world to pay attention to the rights of the Creator and of His Creatures.

I believe that now, rather than focusing on the progress of the world, it is more important, indeed it is essential, that we urgently increase our efforts to save the world from this destruction. There is an urgent need for mankind to recognise its Creator as this is the only guarantor for the survival of humanity; otherwise, the world is rapidly moving towards self-destruction. If today man really wants to be successful in establishing peace, then instead of finding fault with others, he should try to control the Satan within. By removing his own evils, a person should present a wonderful example of justice. I frequently remind the world that these excessive enmities towards others are completely usurping human values and so are leading the world towards obliteration.

As you have an influential voice in the world, I urge you to also inform the wider world that by placing obstacles in the way of the natural balance established by God, they are moving rapidly towards annihilation. This message needs to be conveyed further and wider than ever before and with much greater prominence.

All the religions of the world are in need of religious harmony and all the people of the world need a spirit of love, affection and brotherhood to be created. It is my prayer that we all understand our responsibilities and play our role in establishing peace and love, and for the recognition of our Creator in the world. We ourselves have prayer, and we constantly beseech Allah that may this destruction of the world be avoided. I pray that we are saved from the destruction that awaits us.

Yours sincerely,

Mirza Masroor Ahmad

Khalifatul Masih V

Head of the Worldwide

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


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  • I love reading this very comprehensive appeal for working to save humanity. May Allah enable world leaders to repent and heed to the wise and timely message of Hudhur(aba). Ameen.

    I pray to Allah, the Protector, to bless Hudhur(aba) with prosperity, guidance and a long healthy life. Ameen.

  • May Allah give wisdom to the world leaders and a strong healthy life to our spiritual leader – Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba). May Allah fulfil his prayers and bless him always. Ameen.

  • God wanted the message to be delivered by Hudhur(aba), the rest will be accomplished because it is the promise of God.

  • Hope Allah will open their hearts to receive Hudhur(aba)’s message and give them courage to act on it and may Allah give all of us a sane mind and loving soul. Ameen