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A Glimpse into the Life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)


The Excellent Morals of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

One can only wonder at the excellent morals of the one concerning whom the God of heaven Himself testifies: ‘You are indeed established upon the highest morals.

Similarly valuable is the testimony given by Hazrat Khadijah (ra) after fifteen years of marital companionship with the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa). She said that he was kind to his relatives, shared other people’s burdens, revived the lost morals and virtues, was hospitable, and helped people who were suffering in the cause of the truth. She said that God would never destroy a person of such qualities.

Hazrat Aishah (ra) relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) never uttered obscene words, nor did he shout in the market-place. He did not retaliate against evil with evil, he would instead demonstrate forgiveness and forbearance. 

The companions relate that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was the most beloved of all people.

Whenever he had choice between two things, he would choose the easier one. There was none who possessed greater self-control than him.

His modesty surpassed even that of a virgin. 

Hazrat Ibn Abbas (ra) relates that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was the most generous of all people.

Whenever the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was asked for something, he gave it.

He distributed the spoils of war that same day it arrived. Such was his faith in God that he never saved for the next day. 

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) was the most righteous of people and refrained from the comforts of the world. He said that he was like a traveller who lies down for a while to rest under a tree and then moves on.

 He was so brave that he would charge at the enemy all alone and would never retreat. He was the most courageous of all people.

His forgiveness was of such a high quality that he even pardoned his mortal enemies. 

In short, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) possessed the highest morals. He was the perfect manifestation of divine attributes. He was such a beautiful and perfect example for mankind that even today we can reach God by following him. 

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