The Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)

A Glimpse Into the Life of the Holy Prophet (sa) – Gratefulness for the Favours of Allah


In praise of the Prophet Noah (as), God says in the Holy Qur’an that he was indeed a grateful servant (17:4). In respect of Hazrat Ibrahim (as), God says that he was grateful for His favours (27:122). God commanded the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) to worship Him and be among the thankful ones (39:67).

God has promised to grant more blessings to His grateful servants. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) received an abundant share of blessings by being grateful to God. God says, ‘And great is Allah’s grace on you’ (4:114).

The summit of Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) remembrance of Allah was salat [prayer], which was the delight of his eyes and comfort of his heart.

The ordinary person’s heart is not always attentive in salat, rather his thoughts wander about. But our Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (sa) heart while praying was totally engrossed in salat. Even with this diligence, he would be praying to God, ‘O Allah! Make me one who remembers You and is grateful to You’.

Thankfulness is indeed a beautiful expression of love and remembrance of Allah. The best form of this expression is praise and glorification of God.


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